Dr. Stone - Season 1 Episode 20

Awakened into a world where humanity has been petrified, scientific genius Senku and his brawny friend Taiju use their skills to rebuild civilization.

Genre: Action & Adventure , Animation

Director: N/A

Country: Japan

Episode: 20/24 eps

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Dr. Stone
05 Jul 2019
"It's been over 3,700 years since a flash of light petrified nearly all human life. A 16-year-old genius named Senku Ishigami is suddenly revived to find himself in a world where all traces of human civilization have been eroded by time."
12 Jul 2019
"After discover how liberty peoples from stones, Senku and Taiji decides who he's will free up first, and a series of events influence then to liberty a very strong boy, named Shishio."
19 Jul 2019
"Senku does not trust the motivation of Shishio, so he will try to hide his plans from a new and unforeseen enemy for his plan to revive civilization."
26 Jul 2019
"Senku makes gunpowder to defeat Tsukasa. The gunpowder explodes and a smoke signal is made. Yuzuriha notices another smoke signal. Senku must decide to either cause more explosions as signals but risk revealing his position to Tsukasa."
02 Aug 2019
"Taiju and Yuzuriha flee from Tsukasa while taking Senku with them. It is discovered how Senku survived his first days after being freed from petrifaction."
09 Aug 2019
"Senku awakens after being nearly killed by Tsukasa and suggests splitting up with Yuzuriha and Taiju so they can spy on Tsukasa. A girl fights Tsukasa but is defeated and trapped under a tree. Senku finds the same girl and helps her."
16 Aug 2019
"Senku helps Kohaku bring hot water back to her village for her ill sister. Kohaku tells Senku about her village and that it has forty people. Senku is told he cannot enter the village. Senku explains to Chrome about the history of mankind."
23 Aug 2019
"Senku wants to make antibiotics and he explains how to Chrome and Kohaku. Senku decides to use magnets to collect iron. A child named Suika offers to help Senku. Senku decides to make ramen to appease the villagers and use their manpower."
30 Aug 2019
"Senku feeds the villagers ramen so they can help him make iron. Senku meets Asagiri Gen a man who's been unpetrified and is working for Tsukasa. Asagiri decides to help Senku. Senku wants to make a generator with the help of lightning."
06 Sep 2019
"After Gen is brutally beaten in a surprise attack, Kohaku devises a plan to bring down the attacker once and for all."
13 Sep 2019
"Suika never wants to show her face for some reason that only a few know. Fortunately, Senku knows the solution to his annoying problem."
10 Nov 2019
"To recover the most problematic ingredient in order to create sulfonamides, Ginro, Chrome, Kohaku and Senku will head to a zone of maximum danger. What kind of enemy will stand before them?"
17 Nov 2019
"All that's needed to make antibiotics is alcohol. The best way to get some is to win the Grand Bout, which the Senku and his kingdom will also need to do in order to keep Magma away from Ruri and give her the drug."
04 Oct 2019
"After Magma's series of tricks to reach the final match, Chrome reveals a trick of his own. With a little extra help from Gen, Chrome just may be able to pull this one off."
08 Dec 2019
"After Senku's unlikely victory, quick marriage, and even hastier divorce, the kingdom of science is back to work to finally finish Ruri's medicine."
18 Oct 2019
"Ruri reveals the origin of the village's name and Senku learns of his father's fate."
25 Oct 2019
"Byakuya and the astronauts' story continues, and Senku's connection to Ishigami Village and the Hundred Tales is finally revealed."
01 Nov 2019
"Tsukasa's army is coming. Kinro struggles to hold the bridge against the deadly spearman Hyoga and his shock troops, but Senku and the villagers are ready with deadly new weapons of science."
08 Nov 2019
"Hyoga is disarmed, but the kingdom of science is still in danger - Ishigami village is in flames. And Tsukasa will soon know that Senku is still alive - How will the villagers fight off the coming invasion?"
15 Nov 2019
"Work begins on creating the components for Senku's cell phone, but spinning gold wire is proving to be quite the task! Luckily, Chrome and Kaseki \"invent\" the water wheel and drastically ..."
22 Nov 2019
"With stored electricity, Senku takes the logical next step and creates light bulbs. After a little trial and error, Senku displays the new lights on a Christmas tree!"
29 Nov 2019
"Senku, Chrome, and Magma venture into a cave to search for Tungsten; a suspicious accident leaves Senku and Magma trapped at the bottom of a pit."
06 Dec 2019
"Senku and the rest of the village get to work on making the components for the cell phone. It's hard work but everyone is pumped!"
13 Dec 2019
"After a successful test of their new cell phone, Senku learns of a mysterious tale about a bee named Speaker who can play the voices of the dead."